Portable Self Loading Forklifts / Stackers


As Innolift Australia Products and Equipment are essential in industrial processes, we ensure that our clients and customers receive service and support available 24/7.


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Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars in workplace injuries. There is no safe way to manually push and lift heavy loads.
If you or your staff are required to move and lift heavy equipment then back injuries will occur..
Using the compact design of Innolift equipment ensures that your staff have minimal risk of injury in the workplace


Workplace managers have a responsibility to eliminate unsafe manual handling practices..
Some of the benefits are reduced insurance premiums and improved employee wellbeing and performance.
With Innolift equipment used by major companies in Europe, the reputation is excellent.

Who We Are

Innolift Australia provide cost effective Lifting solutions using the latest European and Australian designed equipment. Our management established our initial Company in 1982. Innolift Australia was formed to expedite sales, service and support for Self Loader Lifters and material handling solutions for Industry, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health and Aged Care support applications.

Company Information

Spacepac Industries Pty Ltd. Trading as ... Innolift Australia